Picturing Krishna

Picturing Krishna



sparks flow through silver

wires in a glass of salt



my colloidal solution to

feeling blue.

Fingernails loom

as pale half-moons –

lunulae – a sign –

in my silvered mirror

I peer at lips and eyes.

Over time exposure to

the sun blues my hands and

face. My skin so smooth.

I am cyan,

ensilvered here

floating in solution

by safe light waiting

for my latent image to develop.


living in my darkroom

now, I breathe so lightly

taking on the

divine colour

of water filled


Written for an on-line course taught by Jen Hadfield at Poetry School and published in a BCU School of English newsletter.  While drinking colloidal silver,  a practice favoured in the southern United States, may be good for the skin it can irreversably turn the skin blue. When I was a keen analogue photographer, I was amazed how people would dip their bare hands into the chemistry…